We’re just living the Florida life and chasing our wildest dreams.

We hope to utilize this space as a way to creatively share our daily life, new adventures, local favorites like restaurants, beaches, parks and other things we love to do. Life is busy and we hope this little corner of the internet will help remind us to continue being grateful and maybe inspire others to do the same.

We are happiest with our feet in the sand and a drink in our hand.

Blog Posts

October in Northern Ohio 2021

Mark and I were both born and raised in Ohio but we high tailed it out of there in 2015 and swore we would never look back at cold dreary weather. Each of us have made small trips back, but mostly for sad reasons (losses in the family) and not at all since the pandemic started. I’m ashamed to say I hadn’t seen my in-laws in over 4 years and had never even met my sweet little nephew – it was weighing on me… then my family experienced two more sudden losses this year – so I said enough was enough, life is too short, and we bought Allegiant non-stops flights to Toledo to spend a couple of days with Mark’s family before it truly gets Northern Ohio cold!

Our first visit to Bok Tower Gardens

This past April, Mark and I took a Staycation for the first time in forever. Meaning we took an entire 5 days in a row off of work and planned nothing (other than releasing precious Hocus squirrel back into the wild). We woke up each day and either decided on a local adventure or decided to do absolutely nothing besides being home with no major obligations. Ahhhhh – everyone should do this every six months – just sayin. Seeing as I am just now getting around to posting about our local adventures from that week, tells me things got crazy busy again as soon as it was over. One of the local adventures we took was our very first visit to Bok Tower Gardens.

Pride Pinellas Park Florida 2021

Pride @ the Village 2021- Pinellas Park

Yesterday we attended the first-ever Pride Festival held at the Pinellas Art Village in Pinellas Park, FL and we were pleasantly surprised by what our little town accomplished! We’ve attended the last Saturday of the month art walks and block pARTies held at 5663 Park Blvd N and really enjoyed ourselves, so we thought thisContinue reading “Pride @ the Village 2021- Pinellas Park”

Pinellas Farmers Market

Hidden gem alert! The Pinellas Farmers Market is located at England Brothers Park at 5010 81st Ave North Pinellas Park, FL 33781. The market recently had its grand opening on April 17, 2021 and seems to be going strong!

Pinellas Arts Village

We’ve discovered a local gem (just blocks from our new neighborhood) and wanted to share it with anyone who enjoys a unique experience!! The Pinellas Arts Village located at the 5600 block in Pinellas Park is a hidden treasure for artists and those who love art! You’ll find inspiring art, photography, sculptures and so much more!

We’re back!!

Since we last spoke, we bought a new house, moved across town, sold our old house, raised 4 baby squirrels full time and countless other time-consuming and emotional events occurred….


I’m a runner, reader, video gamer, and lover of nature with an anthropology degree from Ohio University. I’m a keeper at Big Cat Rescue and protecting and helping animals of all kinds is an extreme passion of mine. 

Our Story

Ohio transplants living the Florida dream while working hard to go see the world. We met in 2009 and moved to St Pete, FL in 2015 to chase our wildest dreams in the sunshine.


I’m a photographer, writer, day dreamer, and beach lover with a degree in visual communications. I’m a keeper and staff member at Big Cat Rescue and have dedicated my life to being a voice for the voiceless. 

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